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Welcome to Honest Talk

Join our judgment free, guilt free, shame free community where you will be connected with other women, trusted tools and resources in order to become the best version of the whole you.

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The story of Honest Talk International

Our hope is that being part of our tribe you will learn to leave the shame, judgement and guilt behind and grow into confidence regarding who you truly are, not just the separate parts or roles that you play in life but as the WHOLE you.

Brittany Baxter

Crystal and Michaela are both so great. They make you feel confident as a woman. Even though I chose a c-section, I was at one time thinking about vbac. They gave me some wonderful information and so much encouragement. If you're ever needing advice these are your two gals to go to.

Katie Fredenburg

Attending Honest Talk’s Weekend was one of the best decisions I have ever made! It has changed my life and that is no exaggeration! When I attended I was a brand new stay at home mom. I was feeling low, lonely and like I had lost my spark. Honest Talk helped me find that spark again. Being a military spouse, I have had a lot of various jobs but nothing that I was passionate about. After connecting with the  Honest Talk community, I knew that I was made to serve women and moms who are going through the same struggle I was. I made so many friends and connections but most importantly, I found myself again! The work you guys are doing is so important and you are impacting so many women’s lives!

Adriana Rosales

I highly recommend Honest Talk International as a genuine service and support system for women wanting community, & resources for any stage or phase of life. I have been able to connect with exceptional women through Honest Talk. Michaela and Crystal are women that I both admire and support as they are at the forefront of stirring up conversations needed with in a “mom” community that currently does not exist.

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Choosing The Best Online Birth Course

There are popular online birth courses such as the Lamaze, the Bradley Method, the Alexander Technique and also something called Hypnobirthing. Here at Honest Birth Talk, we will give an overall view of each one of these online birth coaching methods.

Crystal Michel
Coach & Doula

Important Things to Discuss with an Online Birth Coach

Now you can have your questions answered by an experienced online birth coach who wants to help you throughout each trimester. It is convenient for pregnant mothers to have this option of receiving coaching from the comfort of their own home

Michaela Rosales
Coach & Doula

Getting Ready with Birth Courses Online

Online Birth Classes make it easier than ever for you and your spouse or significant other to prepare for the birth of your baby. Click the article to learn more.

Michaela Rosales
Coach & Doula

#wtf What the Facebook-Stop Censoring Motherhood

Crystal Michel
Support Circle

Mother's Day is Just Around the Corner

Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs around, whether you're a stay- at- home mom or a working mom it comes with challenges! It's awesome that we get a day each year dedicated to us but let's face it. No amount of bubble baths, flowers and chocolates can make up for the feelings of overwhelm, loneliness and the constant search for our identity! That's why we have created Honest Talk International, a group for women to feel loved, supported and encouraged all year round, not just one day a year!

Jane Marshall
Support Circle
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