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I purchased a course, now what?

YAY, you are one step closer to writing your OWN birth Story! You will receive a welcome email and links to the courses weekly so you and your support person can review your classes one module at a time at your convenience!! So, pull up a chair, grab a snack and be ready to jot down some questions.

How do the Live Q&As work?

This is the fun part ! Each week the #birthbesties (Crystal and Michaela)  will meet you in a private zoom coaching call for 30 minutes (or more depending on your package) to answer your questions, do demonstrations and build your confidence! You will get the opportunity to connect with other mamas and possibly their partners. (support person encouraged to attend)

-Feel free to post questions in the private FB group throughout the week

Besides the videos, what else do I get for being part of the HBT community?

We are so glad you asked!  Each module will have downloads and worksheets for you to use during your pregnancy or to reference at a later date!

What happens after I finish all of the modules?

Are you ready for this? Drum roll please... once you “graduate” from the HBT course, you will gain access to join our judgement free exclusive FB group called Honest MOM Talk. There you will find the support, encouragement and connections you’ve always wanted to feel loved as you embark on motherhood (even if it’s not your first child).

How long do I have access to the amazing HBT video series?

This is so incredible! You will have access to your HBT videos for an ENTIRE year!! That’s right, 1 whole year from the date you sign up. Pregnancy is typically 10 months (whomever said 9 had to have been a man) and so you will have all the info you need at your fingertips throughout your time being pregnant and a little into the postpartum period.

What If I already took the HBT course and am now pregnant with another child?

Don’t you worry! We have a special refresher course just for you so that you can easily jog your memory on how well you did the first time around!

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