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Our Why

Together we have 12 years of childbirth experience, seven kids, six different birth experiences, an MPH, a doula certification and much more. We are two moms on a mission to bring positive change to birth culture and leave a lasting impact on the rights of mothers in birth. We believe women should walk away from childbirth feeling empowered, strong and confident not with doubts and stories with the phrases. “I had to” “I couldn’t” or “they wouldn’t let me.”

About us
Co-Founder | MPH

I’m Crystal, a co-visionary behind Honest Birth Talk and Honest Mom Talk. My passion is helping women find their voices to confidently tackle both birth and motherhood.

I have an MPH in Environmental Occupational Safety and Health, but working at a desk seemed less than inspiring. I’m happiest in a room full of women, connecting and encouraging them to do motherhood on their own terms, whatever that looks like for their family.

I’m a wife to a techie husband and a mom to 4 kiddos including boy/girl twins. My passion for birth and birth rights stirred from my first experience as a young mother and solidified after my HBA2C (home birth after 2 c-sections) a decade later.

As a mom who’s walked this path, in every way possible, trust me I have the t-shirt and mug for it all. I can confidently say motherhood is not one size fits all, the key is having not only the strength but the  support and the persistence to do motherhood your way.

My hope is that through HBT and HMT you will find authentic, judgment free support to rock motherhood on your terms.


I helped create Honest Birth Talk to empower and equip couples with the education they need to feel confident in their decisions, regarding pregnancy and birth. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Education. I am a certified labor doula and childbirth educator. Those are my official titles. At home, I am a proud wife to a USAF Airman and a homeschooling mother to three beautiful children, Bridon, Arabella and Hadley. I love to drink coffee, workout with friends and read, in that order. I am passionate about being a good friend and supporting others in all they do. I am a fast mover and don’t usually sit down for long. My desire is to reach as many women as I can so they can walk away from their birth experience with strength and dignity.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I initially thought women just arrived at the hospital to have a baby, plain and simple. After talking to a friend and doing a little more research, I found out about a childbirth class being offered down the street from my house. Once I signed up for class, I realized that my husband and I had A LOT to learn! We walked away from the course feeling less afraid and more excited about meeting our baby boy. After Bridon’s birth, I felt closer to my husband than I had ever been while simultaneously feeling like I conquered the WORLD.

This is why Honest Birth Talk is so important.

More moms and couples need the same opportunity I was given, which is the chance at writing their own birth story. As a doula and educator, it is so powerful to watch a woman work with her birth team, to find her voice, and to make the choices that are right for herself and her family in order to have the birth she desires.

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