Michaela Rosales
January 8, 2021

Trying to lose the baby weight... why is it so hard?

Nutrition and Fitness are the foundation of overall health but for some reason, those are the two areas we as humans tend to struggle with the most. How many times have you found yourself saying

“I’ll start next week,” or, “ It’s too expensive to eat healthily” or, “I don’t have time to work out?”

If you’ve uttered any of these phrases, you are not alone!!

The struggle is real people!! Life has a way of taking you by the horns and pulling you in a million different directions leaving you feeling like you can’t catch a break! Can I get an Amen?

However, when does enough become enough and the excuses stop?  When you are sick? When a family member is sick? When you’re so run down you can barely put one foot in front of another? When you are faced with the possibility of not getting a job or being let go because you aren’t in a healthy space?  

Honest Talk International has partnered with Team No Excuses Fitness to bring you tried and true methods to, well, let the excuses go and instead conquer your health and fitness goals with plans that WORK and are individualized to yours and your families specific needs!

These aren’t diet plans for the short term, but truly a lifestyle change for the long term.  

With one on one coaching and counseling, personalized menu plans, and recipes to create sustainable health, we help you overcome body image issues, sugar addictions, and change your mindset to gain new fitness and nutrition habits.

So, no more diet fads that work for a moment but leave you more confused when the weight piles back on.  No more, working out for a month and feeling great for a fleeting moment only to end up back the way you started because a roadblock got in the way!! No more questions and wondering what you are doing wrong.

With coach,Sanjay Raja, founder of Team No Excuses Fitness, you will learn how to make a lifestyle change, a commitment to yourself so that all those distractions can no longer take ahold of you. You’ll be able to knock down those roadblocks with strength, power and best of all, your health, mental and physical!

So here’s the real question...What’s stopping you from being the best version of you?  

If you’re like most of us, it’s probably the time it will take to get you to your goals. I mean, ain't nobody got time for that! Right?

We are busy moms running our kids from here there and everywhere, holding down multiple jobs (whether we get paid for it or not), barely getting a moment to breathe let alone think about food or exercise!

Sanjay is not just a coach but the author of a Best Selling book, The Food Talk: A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Healthy Habits to Kids of All Ages.  That means, let’s make it a family thing!  Wouldn’t it be easier if you no longer have to meal plan based off of a million different requests? To get a workout in while being supported by your family because everyone is making it a priority and not just you?

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Ummm, hello? How can you possibly give everyone what they need if you are depleted, tired, sick, low on energy? The short answer is, you just can’t or at least you can’t forever!

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