#wtf What the Facebook-Stop Censoring Motherhood

Crystal Michel
Support Circle

What is it about birth is seemingly so offensive?

How on earth can women embracing their bodies and their strength “violate community standards”?????  I just can’t wrap my mind around how childbirth, the act of bringing another human into the world is offensive or “in violation of community standards.”

A child nursing from the breast is not pornography, a child being born is not pornography. These images showcase the beauty and power of an act that is innately feminine. They show our daughters that women are not to fear childbirth, instead showing them that women are a force to be reckoned with, that our bodies are capable and not broken. I mean c’mon weren’t we all born this way??

Our bodies are built for birth and we should never be ashamed of our bodies but instead thankful for our ability to carry a child if we so choose. It doesn’t matter if your birth ends in a c-section, you used an epidural or you rocked a natural birth in your bathtub, it matters that your body provided a safe place for your child and you brought that tiny human earthside.

We spend our days as a society, pushing girls to “be anything you want” except don’t be a powerful birthing women or nursing mom, hide that, it’s offensive. Don’t embrace your femininity, your ability to create life, just do that behind closed doors, no need to showcase beauty in childbirth. Ugh, are birth workers the only people who see this backwards thinking, are we the only ones who can’t make sense of it?

Maybe it’s because the platforms used to educate and bring awareness are in fact the problem? Are they the culprit to the idea that childbirth and breasts used to nurse are something to be ashamed of, or hide from the world. If these platforms allow perverse pictures to run rampant but censor birth and breast of women nursing, what does that say about society as a whole?

A few weeks ago we shared an incredible birth image on both our FB and instagram, within minutes the images were removed. We tried to reshare them and again the images were taken down and we were notified the images “violate community standards.” 

The same image that was removed just won the title of “Overall Winner” in the Birth Becomes Her image contest. Mainstream media even picked up the top winners and wrote about them, still FB censorship is in full swing. We shared an article from the Independent about the contest and it was shown to ONE person, yes a single person. 

Isn’t it high time these platforms honor mothers and stop censoring the most powerful images of the female body.

What say you Mark & Priscilla ?

We know you care for mothers Mark, because you honor and adore your wife, so why censor motherhood ?

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