Who is Jane?

Jane Marshall
Support Circle
When I had my daughter I felt ready. Being a doula and lactation counselor, I knew all about birth, I knew all about breastfeeding, I knew all about baby care… but what I wasn’t ready for was the complete identity shift that happened.

Before I knew motherhood, I would have said I KNEW who I was. But as I grew more comfortable in my role as ‘mama’, who JANE was started to feel farther and farther away.

Not knowing this new me, has sent me into hyper-drive on the path to new-self discovery. Knowing who I am now, has never felt so urgent. My desires changed, my dreams changed, the things that brought me joy changed.

Suddenly, life isn’t just about what I want- it is about SO MUCH MORE.

In becoming a mother, I realized that I directly impact the dreams and desires of my husband and my daughter. I want to be this supporting, igniting, and inspiring factor behind them. I don’t want to be half-present. I don’t want to be distracted by wishing I was something else or striving to fill shoes that won't satisfy.
I want to give my family the absolute best versions of me and that requires KNOWING who I am.

My gifts, my faults, my strengths, my weaknesses- knowing and accepting and loving the REAL me, outside of the titles and roles I carry, means:
LESS comparisons
LESS jealousy
LESS what-ifs
LESS guilt

And it means:

MORE joy
MORE laughter
MORE success
MORE memories

So, as I challenge myself to be present, I am striving to be aware. Constantly self-reflecting on my actions and reactions. I’m continuously assessing my internal dialogue so that I can not only understand who I am but make changes where I want to be someone different.

Being a part of the Honest Talk International Membership community has surrounded me with the tools and support to make this self-discovery journey happen. I have a place where I can kick off my shoes and get real. I can reflect openly and honestly about how am I feeling through this process with the accountability to keep my eyes on my ultimate goal: Being the absolute best version of me so that I can fully be present in my support and love for those in my life.

Are you ready to join me on the journey of discovering who you are?

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