James Anderson
January 8, 2021

What are the Best Deployment Gifts for Christmas

What Are The Best Deployment Gifts For Christmas?

Christmas is a magical time for everyone. You get to see your family, shower each other with gifts, and strengthen that family bond. There are however people who have volunteered to be away from all this family fun for a cause much higher than their own self. These are the selfless servicemen of the United States Armed Forces.

They are often deployed thousands of miles away in combat theaters. They don't get to taste the comforts we at home take for granted. This is especially sad during holidays like Christmas. 

Do you have a loved one deployed during Christmas? If so, you can make them happy, warm, and fuzzy inside by sending these thoughtful gifts in their next care package:

Mini Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is the perfect opportunity for adding much-needed flair to the tough lives of deployed servicemen. Its small 12-inch size makes it perfect for sending in a care package. Its sturdy build quality will endure the long journey ahead. Also, when it lights up it will fill the air with holiday spirit. Buy on AMAZON

Classic Christmas Stockings Set

A Christmas without a stocking filled with goodies is a sad one indeed. Don't let your beloved suffer this disappointment. Get these gorgeous stockings and fill em up with stocking stuffers. You can add a note saying to only open them on Christmas. This makes for an exciting event to look forward to. Buy on AMAZON

Recordable Christmas Card

Get a bunch of these cards and let the close friends and family record their personal holiday greetings. You will be amazed at how much your deployed serviceman will enjoy and appreciate this gesture. These greeting cards will also make for perfect memorabilia, making this Christmas unforgettable. Buy on AMAZON

Christmas Santa Hat

Throw in a few of these Santa hats and turn your soldier and his buddies into deployment Santas. They can walk around spreading joy on Christmas day looking silly and taking memorable photos making the event rememberable. Buy on AMAZON

Old-Fashioned Christmas Candy

This is the best of Christmas candy out there. It includes an assortment of different candies like hard candy, pillows, pinwheels, and more. It comes in a tin box which is perfect for passing around and sharing with his buddies as well. Buy on AMAZON

Shortbread Holiday Cookies

Shortbread cookies are a must during the Christmas holidays so don't let your deployed one miss out on this tradition. These ones from Walker's are classic and ideal for enduring the long haul of mail because of its tin box packaging. These cookies shaped in festive designs and the attractive box is sure to make their day. Buy on AMAZON

Chocolate Gift Basket

This one right here is the perfect treat for any chocolate lover. With temperatures dropping,  chocolate actually has a fair chance of reaching your deployed soldier without melting. Packed beautifully in a tin box, it contains an assortment of chocolate treats that are individually wrapped. You can also add a customized message inside the box which will make this event even more special. Buy on AMAZON

Beef Jerky Variety Pack

No care package is ever complete without including a healthy serving of beef jerky. Packed with protein and all the nutritional goodness, this one is packed for the long haul. Military members often prefer Jacklinks due to its use of premium meat and taste. This one comes with two famous flavors which will make your service member’s snacking experience healthy and delicious. Buy on AMAZON

Zero Calorie Water Beverage Mix

This one is another in-demand item that literally adds flavor to a deployed servicemember’s life. The cool thing is that this water enhancer is zero calories and packed with vitamins. It can also be used as a pre-workout drink for replenishing essential fluids. As this also comes in three distinct flavorings, your service member will not get bored easily. It is a practical and healthy choice. Buy on AMAZON

Rugged Portable External Hard Drive

A portable hard disk has many uses ranging from sending family pictures, videos, favorite TV shows, and movies. Being rugged is a very important aspect as a care package undergoes significant shock while traveling overseas. You can even pre-record your holiday greetings with kids on video and even get messages from other relatives to raise the spirits of your soldier. Overall a solid choice for meeting your loved one’s entertainment needs. Buy on AMAZON

Rustic Handmade Leather Photo Album

Holidays are all about family time and your deployed member will sorely miss being around their family. Ease their homesickness by printing out some quality pictures and placing them in this rustic leather photo album. Its strong build will keep your photos safe long after the deployment ends. This will definitely make for a fantastic gift and they will treat it as a little piece of home. Buy on AMAZON

Nintendo Switch Lite

Treat your beloved service member with this perfect Christmas deployment gift. It’s light, handheld, and highly mobile, meaning they can play games wherever they are. You can get an added SD card and pre-load their favorite games to enhance the playing experience. You can just imagine the smile and joy on their face as they discover this bad boy in their care package. For an added surprise, cover it in a gift wrap with a note to open on Christmas day only. Buy on AMAZON

Wrapping It Up

Staying apart from your loved one who is deployed abroad is hard. But, they are the ones who are putting their lives in harm’s way so we at home have the freedom we enjoy on a daily basis. Let’s play our part to raise their morale and do whatever we can to give them our love and support. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas y’all.

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