The Top Four Money-Saving Tips to Prep for Baby the Smart Way

Emily Graham
Guest Blogger

The time when you’re preparing for your first baby is full of joy. Yet, one thing that isn’t so joyful is how it impacts your household budget, as all the necessities for pregnancy, postpartum, and baby care really add up — and fast. Getting ready for a baby doesn’t have to break the bank, though, especially if you follow these hot tips for shopping smart.


Tip #1- Be Smart About How You Shop


Going into a store to look at baby gear has some advantages, but you can usually find the best deals online. This is especially true for post-pregnancy clothes, particularly nursing bras.Maternity and nursing bras can be pricey, but you can usually find good deals for them online. These are good items to stock upon too because some companies frequently have special promotions when you bundle your order.


You can do the same thing for maternity and post-baby clothing. If you know where you want to shop, search sales and deals as a way to really stretch your budget. And because so many people are shopping online these days, you can often find coupons for stores like Old Navy to help you save as much money as possible.

Tip #2- Be Smart About When You Shop


The good thing about pregnancy is that you have nine months (more or less) to prepare, so you aren’t in a rush to buy anything. Use this in your favor to stock up on the things you need at the best price. Not only does this mean you have time to shop around for the best deals, but you can also take advantage of sales on seasonal items. Another valuable piece of advice from Baby Center is to spend this time focused on buying what you will need immediately after the baby is born and waiting on items you won’t need for a while, such as a high chair.


Tip #3- Be Smart About What You Buy


If you look at a suggested registry list from any big-boxstore, you may feel like you’ll need a second home to fit everything. The truth is that some of those things are strictly optional. For example, many parents spend lots of money on a nice changing table only to find they’re most often using the bed, the floor or whichever location is most convenient!There are other things that you definitely need but don’t have to buy yourself.People love to give clothes, so recommends saving money by resisting the temptation to buy them.


Another way to be smart about what you buy is to select items that do double duty. If you’re buying a crib, you will save money in the long run if it converts into a toddler bed. Another example is a baby carrier or stroller. If you invest in one that goes from infant to toddler, you get much more use for your money (and may even be able to use them for subsequent babies).


Tip #4- Be Smart About How You Prepare


Being money-smart isn’t just about what you buy and how you shop. The way you prepare for childbirth and parenthood in can also save you money. Take childbirth education for example. Besides being prepared to have the birth you want, another benefit of childbirth education is that it’s a cost-effective way to reduce unnecessary (and expensive) medical interventions.


If you plan on breastfeeding, you should also be prepared with the best support tools. Line up professionals who can help, such as a lactation consultant, and get the accessories you need. While not strictly essential, the right breastfeeding accessories can really help set you up for success. Plus, insurance companies are now required to cover breast pumps, so be sure to look into your benefits before buying one.


Keep in mind that, while saving is the ultimate goal, sometimes it’s worth spending a little more for the right items that make your job easier. Some parents like to make a list to prioritize their purchases. No matter what, stick to your plan for smart shopping and it will pay off in savings.

Written by Emily Graham-


Image by Pixabay

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