The Padcicle~Saving Your Lady Parts Post Birth

Crystal Michel
Support Circle

Your nether region will feel quite stretched and turned around after birth. There’s no way around it friends. Even if your perineum is in tip top shape (which we hope it is) you will still experience some discomfort, stitches or not.

There are some simple but HIGHLY effective ways to deal with the uncomfortable and unglamorous parts of birth, the after party we will call it.

Here in comes the padcicile. The giant frozen boat of awesome that will soothe those lady parts like nothing else.

What you’ll need

Heavy Flow (Boat Size) Maxi Pads

Witch Hazel (pharmacy or Target)

CPTG Essential Oils (ask us)




Here’s the SIMPLE steps to making a padcicle

Combine the ingredient into a mixing cup or bowl

Dilute the witch hazel with half water (you’re creating a first aide ice pack)

20 drops of each EO

Unfold the maxi pads one by one and line your counter

Pour the mixture down the center of the pad, front to back

Fold back up

Place in the freezer

Wahoo, your padiciles are ready and waiting for D day :) You will forever sing the praises of the ever important padicile

Pro tip:
Make enough that you aren’t standing in your kitchen 1 day postpartum with your mother in law making more ;)
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