The Newborn Must Haves: Cribs, Blankets, Bottles... OH MY!

Michaela Rosales
Support Circle
 “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to FAIL”- BenjaminFranklin


The pregnancy test is positive and once you come down off of the feelings of shock and excitement you can’t wait to run out and buy all the adorable little things that the world has to

offer a new baby.


You’re standing at the starting line with the registry gun in hand… READY, SET and GO!!! The race begins and you’re running around “Babies R Us” overwhelmed by the sheer 

amount of options at your disposal, so you just start firing away and the next thing you know, you have a 1,000 items on your registry! Better yet, you pull up on your 

computer and all these “suggestions” pop up of the things you MUST HAVE before baby arrives.  Everyone has their opinion on what you can’t live without.  Each year new items 

take the place of old ones, so you just have to have the best monitor, the best carrier and so on. So, this leads me to ask, how much does the average American couple spend on 

baby products in the first year of baby’s life? Will the numbers shock you or is it what you expect?

 Average cost of baby products for the first year did a wonderful job breaking down the average costs for the basic baby products. On the low end, the average annual cost is approximately $4,000 to $28,000; which 

adds up to anywhere between $400 to $2,000 per month! Those numbers are solely based on what people believe to be the “essentials” and not healthcare costs.


What happens to baby products when you’re done with them?


Will you get a return on your investment with these products? Sure you will! Your baby has a comfy place to sleep, or you can easily stroll around the mall, or your bonding 

while using the baby carrier. The sad part is what happens to these things after the first year. Usually it’s time to upgrade to the next stage of products as your baby grows.  

You will soon forget about the trinkets you have bought over the years, but the one thing you will never forget is your baby’s 
first moment in your arms.  You will forever have the memories of your day of labor, so why do we not help prepare ourselves
 to be in the drivers seat for one of the greatest days of our adult lives?  

Childbirth classes will make the moments that you will remember forever be ones of joy from the start of labor to the finish line.  Invest in you. Invest in your baby. 


How much does Childbirth Education Cost?

Will all that being said, let’s take a look at the average cost for a comprehensive Childbirth Class. One that will equip you and your partner for all the decisions you will need to make 

leading up to baby’s birthday, labor day and better prepare you for the following months and years.  On average the charge, a childbirth class is approximately $300 depending on 

where you live in the world or often times you can get a “FREE” class from the hospital.


Hospital VS Private Childbirth Education

Let’s talk about the differences between a hospital class and a private childbirth class shall we?  Typically, the classes that 

are offered at the hospital are aimed to educate you on the hospital’s policies and procedures. This can be very helpful 

information, but it doesn’t equip you with how to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare for childbirth and the 

postpartum period.  There is usually not enough time or space to demonstrate comfort measures or discuss the labor 

process. The hospital class doesn’t give you details about communicating with your birth team, setting your priorities on 

interventions, or how to make the important decisions during the birth process in addition to the hours, days and weeks 

after baby arrives. Even though you receive all of this education in private classes, the time commitment or scheduling

conflicts can sometimes be too much to overcome.


No time? No Problem?- Self Paced ONLINE Courses are available

Want to hear some good news?? You don’t have to deal with those 

scheduling conflicts or time constraints to attend a childbirth class 

thatwill prepare you and your partner with everything you need to 

know from Staying Healthy, to make thoughtful decisions, to feel 

comfortable with the practical details of the labor process, and what 

to expect after your bundle of joy makes his or her arrival!! 

Wow, seems impossible, doesn’t it?  It’s NOT. An online self–paced 

class is just what you need! The best news is that you and your baby 

won’t outgrow the information from the class and it will benefit you for 

a lifetime! The stroller on the other hand will most likely collect dust in 

the garage or sold for peanuts at a thrift store.  We encourage you to 

take the time to research; which class is best for you and you will find 

there is no better class as comprehensive and flexible as “Your Best 

Birth.” We cannot wait for you to join us.  Let’s get started!






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