Role of an Online Birth Coach

Crystal Michel
Coach & Doula

What Does an Online Birth Coach Do?

Online birth coaching services are relatively new services that are currently offered to expecting moms and their partners. While birth coaching classes have been around for quite a long time, the virtual version of these classes is innovative and exciting for expecting parents who would prefer to receive these services while they are at home. Those who have not had the opportunity to experience these virtual classes may wonder how the services can help. The trained and experienced birth coach will cover many important subjects while making sure the parents-to-be are feeling comfortable and fully prepared.

The Initial Consultation

The coaching services will begin with a consultation. If you are the one who is currently pregnant, you will get to talk with the coach about everything, including any of the concerns you might have. In addition to going over your concerns, you can ask the coach questions about the pregnancy to find out if the things you are going through are completely normal. It will make you feel even better to have such a knowledgeable and caring person there to talk with you and make sure that you are feeling good.

Developing a Labor and Delivery Plan

After your initial consultation, you are going to want to develop a labor and delivery plan with the coach. You may choose to have the coach come out to your home during labor to assist with the birth. However, if that is not possible, you may want to ask the coach to help you with selecting a doula to come to your home and remain present throughout the birthing process. When coming up with your labor and delivery plan, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. For example, you may want to give birth in your bed or you may want to give birth in a body of water, such as a small pool

You must remember that while it is good to have a labor and delivery plan that you wish to follow, unexpected situations can occur when you do go into labor. For example, you may expect to have a vaginal delivery, but you could end up needing a c-section. There is no telling exactly how the labor will go because each labor is different for every woman, but it does help to be prepared by having a plan that you can put into motion.

Techniques to Help Ease Discomfort

The online birth coach can provide some helpful tips and suggestions on how to get relief and ease any pain or discomfort you are experiencing throughout your pregnancy. There are times when you may find it difficult to get rest because you are so uncomfortable. The birth coach can talk to you about the best positions to get into while you are in bed while encouraging you to add more pillows to your bed, including a full body pillow for added comfort.

There are certain exercises that could help to ease some of the pain you experience, especially if you are feeling some mild contractions here and there. The birth coach can talk to you about these light exercises while showing you some examples on how to safely complete these exercises to ease as much pain as you possibly can.

Preparing For Childbirth

If this is the first child for you and your partner, you may both feel nervous about the birthing process. It is normal to feel nervous when you have never been through something so serious in your life, but the birthing coach will help you get more prepared by talking to you about breathing techniques and ways to increase your comfort during labor while talking to your partner about the different ways in which your partner can be there for you throughout the birthing process. You may want to get a fitness ball to bounce around on when you are experiencing contractions because it is one of the many tools that are used by women looking to increase their comfort when they are in the earlier stages of labor.

The online birth coach is there to help you and your partner get fully prepared for the birthing process. You can receive help from the coach from the very beginning of your pregnancy or you can decide to use the services late in your pregnancy. Some people like to have a coach to talk to throughout the different trimesters so that they can ask as many questions as they would like to. However, others prefer getting in touch with a birthing coach during the third trimester when they know that they can end up giving birth at any moment.

If you are pregnant and looking to receive help with increasing comfort, relieving pain, and even coming up with a plan for your labor and delivery, you should work with an online birth coach. The experienced birth coach can make you feel more comfortable while answering your questions and providing all the support you could possibly need.

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