Jane Marshall
January 8, 2021

Mother's Day is Just Around the Corner

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

I’m not going to lie, I am excited! The thought of a whole day dedicated to appreciating how much I do for my family with gifts is a really exciting concept.

But on some level, I feel like I am setting myself up for disappointment… How could any gift cover all that mothers do?

I’m not talking about managing the busy, the chaos, or the mess

I’m talking the surrendering of our identity to become life-givers and caretakers, and family managers.

I’m talking the putting our dreams on hold so that we can be present for our families.

I’m talking the loss of friendships, the change of self, and the many ways we are no longer even on our own “top 3 priorities” list most days.

I could go on… but the point is that no amount of flowers or chocolate or the bubbliest of baths would say “I see you…”

At Honest Talk International, we see you.

We created the Honest Talk membership group for you, mothers! This is the place for you to be surrounded by a community of women who see you.

-This is the place for you to have a safe place to rediscover who you are.

-This is the place for you to embrace your passions.

-This is the place for you to learn to love your look.

-This is the place to get filled up.

For mothers day this year, ask for an Honest Talk International Membership!!

Join HTI for only $8/ month, that’s 70% off the monthly membership! Honest Talk International is a membership program which is designed to provide you with an open, honest place to share the struggles and the wins, get your questions answered from reputable resources as well as exclusive downloads to help you with managing life!