Michaela Rosales
January 8, 2021

How to STOP overthinking

Overthinking Is EXHAUSTING!

Do you spend a lot of your time overthinking things?

 Endlessly deliberating when you have to make a decision?

Attempting to read your spouses, or children’s minds?

Worry or feeling anxious about the future, things that haven’t even happened yet?

Reading into the smallest details?

Or perhaps after you’ve made a decision you battle with the should of, could’ve, would’ve syndrome?

If any of this sounds like you, you are NOT ALONE

However, like anything, the more you do these things, the more they become a habit. 

This type of thinking is commonly mistaken for problem solving, and it typically leads to exhaustion, stress, and more anxiety. 

So, how do you stop the cycle?

First of all, know that just as you created this habit of thinking in this way, you have the power to break it!!

  • Recognize the pattern

  • Replace these thoughts with another thought, for example… I recently bought two barrel chairs for my office and after I pressed purchase I found myself wondering if I made the right decision.  It wasn’t enough for me to tell myself I did.  I had to actually replace the thought with something else. Instead of questioning myself, I can redirect my thoughts by saying “ I am super excited about these chairs and I can’t wait to see how they fit” I don’t need to worry about it until they get here!

  • Find an effective way to process your thoughts… Monday I went live discussing how to build a morning journaling routine. This is one of my favorite ways to process my thoughts. If you haven’t watched it, head on over to my IGTV HERE and take a listen.

Finally, I hope you can feel encouraged to stop overthinking and start feeling confident in your decisions and thoughts.  If you still aren’t sure where to start or what to do… schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call with me today!! 

The discovery call is an opportunity to dip your toe into what coaching looks like and if we would make a good fit.