Surving Motherhood One Amazon Order at a Time

Crystal Michel
Support Circle

On the outside, it may look like rainbows and butterflies but know my house is a hot mess. The laundry usually spends a day or two in the washing machine, where I rewash to get the stench out and then add some essential oils because they smell something awful.

 To be honest, they don't make into the dryer because that would require putting away the load already in there.

Who decided everyone needed their own closet anyway?

One giant closet divided into sections and just stick the washer and dryer in the back corner. If I could get my kids and husband to put laundry away I wouldn't care but seeing as I am constantly making trips from one room the other with perfectly hung and folded clothes, I'd like to just turn around and find the appropriate shelf in my dream laundry/closet space. Awwww, yes, one day!

But back to how I do it…..that is the question. My to-do list is never complete but I'll tell ya a secret, technology is my survival bestie. 

Yep, Amazon and I are tight. Alexa, she's my sister wife. She solves my kid's arguments with a flip of a coin and adds half and half to my shopping list while she plays me nurturing nature sounds. 

Seriously, why did I wait so long to bring her on board this marriage? Y'all she's worth it, she isn't even high maintenance aside from the occasional yelling I have to do to get her attention.

For real though let me give you a rundown of how I can accomplish just about anything motherhood throws at me. It's a short list, no need to get a pen and paper. Just screenshot this.

Amazon Prime-I can buy bralettes or batteries and get them in 2 days
Amazon Subscribe and Save-Who forgets toilet paper? Not anymore!
Amazon Fresh-They bought Whole Foods, enough said
Amazon Now-Because wine can be delivered in an hour…..need I say more?
Amazon Streaming-It's educational…..well and there's Homeland
Amazon Audible-Who has time to read?
Basically, if Amazon doesn't sell it we don't need it.

I envy all you Etsy, Pinterest moms. This is my virtual high five to you cuz ya'll are every kid's dream, the perfectly decorated holiday themed homes, craft night, roasting smores at the kitchen table, making memories and magic happen. Meanwhile, I'm over here surviving

Peace. Love. and Amazon friends.

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