Michaela Rosales
January 8, 2021

Focus on Wellness during a pandemic...yeah right!

Wellness during the Pandemic

I find it very timely that I am going through a wellness Class during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  My class started the week I returned to Rome, Italy from a vacation in New Zealand.  It also corresponded to the week Italy made strict rules and regulations in regards to being outside of the home.  So, when people tell me I have to focus on my wellness, I think YEAH , RIGHT and how would you like me to do that while I'm caged up in an apartment with no yard, home gym or space of my own.

Well, where there's a will, there's a way!

The best way I have found to do this is:

🔹Making Wellness a family affair

Workout with your kids

Each day my husband kids and I have chosen a workout from the free Nike Training App and we do it together. I've also started a fun and friendly hydration challenge.  I set a reminder in my phone to do a "water check" every hour.  We each have our own unique water bottles that holds approximately 2 cups of water, this makes it much easier to measure how much water we've actually been drinking.  

Family Bible time

We have also been focusing on our emotional wellbeing by reading a chapter of a book in the Bible each night.  Currently we are going through the book of Romans.  We spend time reading it together and then discussing the important topics each of us picked up within the passages.  We also create a space and time to share our thoughts and feelings about our day and what is going on.


 Starting my day in God's word which is an absolute MUST for me.  The days that I jump right into school work or business I seem to have a hard time focusing and engaging with my tasks.  For my female friends, I absolutely love the Free app First5 by Proverbs 31 ministries.  

I was doing a lot of this before the social isolation took place but to be honest I am being a lot more mindful with my time so that everyday doesn't feel like Groundhog Day. 

I’d love to hear about any things you are doing to make it through these challenging times! Don't forget to comment below. Also, If you find my blogposts helpful in any way, please share with your family, friends or anyone else that may benefit! Thanks a million for your continuous love and support!!