Caesarian Section Baby Delivery

Crystal Michel
Coach & Doula

Overview Of C-Section

A caesarian or C-section is a surgical procedure that delivers the baby through an incision in the uterus of the mother. The procedure is usually performed when the mother develops pregnancy complications or she isn't considering a vaginal delivery due to a precious caesarian section surgery. But the requirement for the first C-section may not be necessary until labor is underway. In case you are pregnant, you should know about what to expect during a caesarian section surgery. Here is an overview of a planned C-section surgery.

There are many conditions under which a C-section deliver might be safer for the mother compared to vaginal delivery. Your healthcare provider is the best person to recommend a C-section depending on your health condition. If the healthcare provider plans a C-section in advance due to whatever reason and you already know about the surgery, it is known as a Planned or Elective C-section. A planned caesarian section can be done from week 39 of pregnancy since a baby born before this may not be developed enough for life outside the womb.

Here are some of the most common circumstances where an elective C-section would be considered by your healthcare provider:

. You are having problems with the placenta - a low-lying placenta or placenta praevia.

. You are expecting two or more babies.

. The baby lies in a difficult position for labor such as bottom down or breech position.

. Women who suffer from genital herpes or HIV are usually offered a caesarian section to prevent the virus from being passed to the baby.

. Prolapsed umbilical cord - A loop of umbilical cord slips through the cervix of the individual - ahead of the baby.

. You have already had a C-section earlier. Depending on the type of incision on the uterus, your healthcare provider may recommend a VBAC or a repeat C-section.

You may choose to have an elective C-section for whatever reason in case you wish to do so. If you feel that you can't cope with the pain involved in vaginal birth or you had a difficult vaginal birth the last time around - you may talk to the healthcare provider about having a caesarian section surgery. If the C-section isn't planned in advance, it is known as an emergency C-section.

There are many reasons for having an emergency C-section. Some of them include:

. You go into labor before a planned C-section

. Your labor is not progressing well

. You experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy and labor

. The healthcare provider fears for the baby's or mother's health

. You are past the due date of delivery  

Your healthcare provider will perform certain blood tests before the planned caesarian section. These tests are important to know your blood type and the level of hemoglobin in your blood. This information is very important in case you require a blood transfusion during the C-section surgery. After the surgery, you should rest and recover. It is best that you talk to your healthcare provider about the possibility of a caesarian section so that you are prepared for the unexpected.

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