Bestie Weekend Getaway~A Timeout for ALL Women

Crystal Michel
Support Circle

Honest Mom Talk is committed to helping women connect, relate and encourage one another. It takes a village and ours is judgment-free, just the way it should be. We need less mom shaming and more women building each other, we need a safe place to share our fears, celebrate our win’s and learn and grow from one another, all in a caring and supportive environment.

When was the last time you spent two days pouring into YOURSELF, truly investing in your mind, body, and spirit? I’m talking feed your soul, walk away a changed women time away. Women serve, it’s what we do, always putting everyone’s needs before our own. All of it comes at a cost. Constantly putting ourselves on the back burner means we burn out, slip into depression, gain weight from unhealthy habits we’ve gained from always putting ourselves last.

There’s a way to stop it, there is a way to serve others and still take care of ourselves, we just need to find the right resources and support system to get there. That’s why Michaela and I have created the ultimate women’s getaway experience.

The Bestie Weekend Getaway is not some mom expo, You aren’t walking through rows and booths collecting coupon codes in a bag all to walk out and think “why did I just waste my day there” The weekend is packed with VALUE and is uniquely designed to offer you resources and support no matter where you are on the journey to self-acceptance, self-care, and vision for your life.

We have partnered with experts in various fields each to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience, offering you value and real tangible ideas of moving out of your normal routine and into a new and better you. We have a powerhouse lineup of speakers covering topics from healthy relationships and boundaries to focus and clarity in your life and business, unpacking your dreams and creating a vision for yourself, nurturing a healthy gut, and incorporating at home and easy exercise routines. We are shedding the labels and mom guilt and stepping to our authentic selves, confidently!

Another unique factor of The Bestie Weekend Getaway, a red carpet gala for ALL of our guest. Dig out your favorite dress (if you like dressing up) and your favorite heels for a night out. We will have a DJ, two bars, a dance floor and a lounging area for those that just want to kick their feet up and chat while the beat drops. Seriously, when was the last time you gotta shake your booty with awesome ladies? It’s gonna be a night to remember!

This event is for women by women. We are not just the creators of a mom group and childbirth course. We are mom’s, real mothers with real struggles. We have learned a thing or two on this journey with 7 kids between us. We both have unique experiences in motherhood and we hope to build a community of strong confident women who truly build one another up and focus on how to do life better, together.

Join is in Las Vegas Oct 5-7 for The Bestie Weekend Getaway. Our event will be held off the strip away from smokey hotels and clanking slot machines. The Industrial Event space will be transformed into a beautiful, inviting, calming and rejuvenating space. You will feel like life is miles away!

Take advantage of our VIP offer and snag premium swag bags, reserved seating, lunch provided and extra time with the #birthbesties Michaela and Crystal.

General admission still gets you into all the events and the gala! Bring a friend for a discount.

Want to come but financially you feel strapped, contact us for info about a scholarship.

The Bestie Weekend Getaway where you escape life and fill your cup, so you can get back to serving others and doing what you do best, spreading joy and light to your families and friends.  

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