Michaela Rosales
February 10, 2021

5 Tips for Achieving your Goals

Goal Setting Strategy

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How many of you started 2021 with new goals in mind?

If you’re anything like me, you might already feel behind on the “goals” you set out to accomplish in January 2021!  I mean, hello... the first month of the year is almost over! How is that even possible?

A lot of you woke up on January 1st and thought to yourself, this year HAS to be better than last year, right?

Well, my question to you right now is...what is it specifically that you want 2021 to bring you physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally, financially, etc? And what are you currently doing to get there?

You see, I used to be the queen of setting goals and then wondering why on earth I could never achieve them.  

For example, After my youngest was born, I set the goal to run a half marathon at 6 months Postpartum (I know, it was a pretty lofty goal), and I set out strong and buckled down with the training. However, so many things tried to derail me from reaching that goal, so time and time again I would feel completely and totally discouraged, drained, and defeated before every training run.  Y'all I had mentally defeated myself before even getting to the starting line.

The problem was not that I didn’t have a training plan, it was that I hadn’t taken into consideration ALL the obstacles that would try to get in my way. Therefore, my expectations were not working for me, they were actually working against me.

So, I want to share with you a Goal Setting Strategy that will help you not only set the goal, but create a roadmap to get there.

1. Create SMART goals:
The acronym S.M.A.R.T stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

2. Write your goals down
According to research, those who write their goals out are 20% more likely to achieve them!

3.Plan for Obstacles
Let’s face it, life has a tendency to throw us some curveballs (as we all witnessed in 2020). These curveballs are what knock us off our course towards accomplishing those goals.  Ok, so we couldn’t have seen a pandemic coming, but... we could certainly plan for ways to overcome sickness, schedule constraints, our family’s needs, etc. Remember the story I just told you about training for a half marathon 6 months after having a baby?  If I had planned better, I could have come up with a plan to edit my training schedule due to sickness, childcare availability etc. Instead, I had this dream that I’d be able to get in “x” amount of runs a week for “x” amount of time without any hiccups. Friends, that method is just begging for problems.

4. Accountability
Meeting up with friends to work out is great, but what happens when their life gets crazy? Then whose going to hold you accountable? It’s so important to find an accountability partner that won’t stray from the task.  

5. Track your progress
I know it sounds completely cliche, but it’s often about the journey, not the destination.  Try and take time to focus on what you ARE doing, not always what you are not.  This is also a mindset exercise.  You could beat yourself up for not getting a training run in or you could say something like, “I may not have gotten my run in today, but I (Fill in the blank).