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Crystal Michel
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4 Ways to Improve Your Homes Indoor Air Quality

Children breathe more air per kilogram of body weight than adults. This means your children are much more susceptible to airborne triggers and irritants impacting their respiratory system.  Chronic exposure can have lasting effects including increased rates of asthma and allergies.

Creating a home environment free of VOC’s and other potentially toxic airborne irritants helps your family live healthier, happier lives. A VOC is a volatile organic compound and is emitted into the air by chemicals and synthetic fragrances. These VOC’s act has triggers to your respiratory system causing coughing, reduced lung function, itchy, watery eyes, headaches and even nausea.

Have you ever deep cleaned your bathroom or kitchen and walked away feeling sick? Did you lungs and nose burn? Did you feel winded or out of breath hours later? Chornic exposure like this can negatively impact your health moving forward. It’s important to play an active role in reducing your exposure to chemicals, pesticides and synthetic fragrances. Many ingredients found in common products are linked to cancer and are listed as carcinogenic by the EPA.

Despite their obvious negative health implications these products line our store shelves. It’s up to us, as educated consumers to limit what we bring into our homes. Especially what our children are exposed to on a daily basis. While we can’t control what is outside out homes, we can control what is inside them.

Some simple steps can improve your homes indoor air quality.

  1. Switch to plant based household cleaners
  2. Avoid pesticide use in the home
  3. Clean and change air filters regularly
  4. Eliminate synthetic air fresheners, sprays and candles

I know everyone wants to have a “pretty smelling” house. You want to feel like there is something to show for your hard work, scrubbing those counters, toilets and floors. I promise you can get that squeaky clean smell from plant based products that are safe and healthy for your family. Skip the synthetic air fresheners and candles that just mask odors, instead opt for handmade candles scented with essential oils or use an essential oil diffuser to clean the air in your home.

Consider using peppermint oil instead of toxic pesticides to rid your home of creepy crawlers. Children spend more time close to the ground than adults. Therefore their air quality is greatly impacted by the use of pesticides, carpet cleaners and even dirt from your shoes. Think about how much time they spend crawling on the floor, and even when your little one learns to walk, they still spend time on the floor and at a lower level than you.

Reducing environmental exposures and triggers helps your children and your family reduce their overall toxic load. The positive impacts of reducing your toxic load are truly life changing.

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