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Personal Birth Coach Plus

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Do you wish you had your own professional, knowledgable #birthbestie 24 hours a day? Someone to answer your questions and walk this journey with you, in a friendly and compassionate way? We developed this program just for you.

Birth Training +

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This course will help you train mentally, physically and emotionally to jump into the drivers seat and have the birth you desire.

Virtual Birth Strategy Session (Build Your Birth Plan)

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We will meet via zoom to go over your wishes, desires and expectations for your birth. During this meet-up we will go over your birth plan and any questions, comments and concerns you or your support person may have.

Postpartum Coaching

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Postpartum is often the most challenging and lonely time for a new mom. We offer one-on-one coaching to help you in all aspects of the 4th trimester. We focus on helping you identify challenges related to breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, mood, nutrition and exercise. Through this support you will feel confident in your choices during motherhood.

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