Personal Birth Coach Plus

Do you wish you had your own professional, knowledgable #birthbestie 24 hours a day? Someone to answer your questions and walk this journey with you, in a friendly and compassionate way? We developed this program just for you.

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Personalized Birth Coaching Plus

Birth Training Course: $397 (12 month access)

  1. Personalized Nutrition and Exercises for the Pregnant Woman.
  2. Build your Birth Plan with both you and your spouse/labor partner so you get the birth experience you desire.
  3. Learn tools to aid in comfort during pregnancy, labor, and birth for you and your spouse/labor partner.
  4. Become knowledgable with the entire Labor process and various situations that may cause stress for you and your spouse/labor partner.
  5. Get the skills needed to expertly handle the postpartum period for both mom, spouse/labor partner, and baby.

Birth Strategy Session: $127

Virtual BIRTH-day Coaching $497

Total Value $1,500 Offered at $897